Data driven insights on the value of your collection

How It Works

1. Submit the wallet(s) containing the NFT art collection you want to have appraised.
2. You will receive a quote for the appraisal. Price scales according to the size and value of the collection.
3. If you accept the quote, I will crunch the numbers on the market for each of your pieces.
4. You'll receive a report detailing which pieces in your collection have appreciated, depreciated and remained stable in value since you collected them. If there has been an appreciation or depreciation on the piece you will get a data-backed estimate of the scale of the change.

For Collectors

Use your appraisal results to plan your next move. Inform your HODL or flip decisions with data and plan your capital gains tax strategy.

Coming Soon

Liquidity Appraisal | Additional insight into how long it would take to sell a specific NFT.